I Have the G-G Winner In My Car (Well, Almost)


As you can see, I've made some changes to the style of the weblog, inspired in part by the neat layout of Vancouver Webloggers (thanks to Darren Barefoot for the link). I still have some bugs to work out. For instance, could anybody tell me why, in Mozilla, the individual archives appear blown across the width of the page? Again, I'm disgusted how different browsers interpret something as simple as HTML so differently...

Comments, criticisms and suggestions are most welcome.

Spent this evening attending a music/slide presentation on finding one's spiritual centre, and the connections to art. It was part of the Festival of Art and Spirit being held in St. Jerome's University over the weekend. Erin's reading at the event tomorrow afternoon, along with some high ranking poets in Canada. Many other major writers were at the reception, including the winner of this year's Governor General's Fiction Prize (Gloria Sawai, author of A Song for Nettie Johnson, which upset Carol Shields' odds-on favourite Unless this year). We almost gave her a ride to her hotel in our car when we weren't sure where her ride had gotten to. That would have been prestigious company for dear old Freddy.

Anyway, Erin will be reading tomorrow (this Saturday) at 2 p.m., so if you're in town, and can make it up to St. Jerome's University, why not check it out?

This article (link courtesy of Ancarett) does feature a very interesting invention. Be sure to check out the animated image on how it works. As Ancarett says, very Asimov. Bring on The Caves of Steel.

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