A Character Meme With Audience Participation

Well, here's a risky meme, gathered from a number of sources, from Natasha's Butterbug, to Rebecca Anderson's Live Journal. Basically:

Ask any of my characters, from any of my stories, any question you would like them to answer

Rosemary and Perpetua (formerly Viqtoria and, before that, Viktoria) are in the studio as we speak. Anybody (Fayette, the eighth Doctor, Wesley, Sue or Ryan) else might take a little longer to get back to you. So, how about it?

This is an excellent way for a writer to get to know his characters, by getting into their head to write whatever comes out, but as I've said, it's risky. I know I have a few readers (waves to them), but I've never tried this level of audience participation before. Still, nothing really fun and productive came without some amount of risk. So, have at it! Please?

As you can see, we're still settling on the heroine's name for The Night Girl. Judging from reader comments, Viqtoria wasn't working, and Viktoria wasn't catching fire, either. But then Erin offered up a first line that she'd invented, but never got to use. This might be a good first line for The Night Girl:

My mother named me Perpetua. It's not my fault.

She calls herself Tua. Everybody tries to call her Pet. Mother calls her Perpetua Viktoria, and they have a rather rocky relationship.

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