On the Phone to the Calgary Sun

Me: Dialing in the billing inquiries number for the Calgary Sun...
Phone: Rings... Picks up.
Voice Mail: "WELcome to the Calgary SUN!"
Me (thinks): Well, this computer's cheery.
Voice Mail: "For home delivery, press ONE! To place an ad, press TWO! For a news related event, press THREE!"
Me (thinks): Notice how they don't give us the option to listen to these options in French?
Voice Mail: "If you love the sound of my voice, and want to hear the options again, press FOUR!"
Me (thinks): This computer's got a highly inflated opinion of itself!
Voice Mail: "If you are sick of the sound of my voice, and have had it up to HERE with with options, press zero or stay on the li--"

I should point out that, once I got past the computers, the humans I reached were courteous and attentive. Still, that was one odd piece of voice mail!

Power Day!

The blackout is still with us today. Ernie Eves has declared a state of emergency throughout the province, and only half of the power has been restored. Most workers have been asked to stay home and conserve power and we've been warned that rotating blackouts could still occur in places where the power has come back.

Disturbingly, there are still questions about Toronto's water supply, and Toronto's subway is still offline (although streetcar service has come back). Nobody sensible should be commuting today, although most of Kitchener-Waterloo seems fine.

So, this is a summer snow day. Erin still has to go to work, but I'll stay close to the phone so I can be ready to bring her home should the power go out again...

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