Random Stuff for August 23

Gwynne Dyer has waded into the quagmire that is Iraq. As always, his insights are fascinating, if a little grim. It’s a shame there isn’t an online archive of his columns (link courtesy of Blog Canada).

Actually, there is an online archive, here. Here’s one rather more uplifting lecture.

The power state of emergency was lifted in Ontario at 8pm yesterday. Just in time to turn on the air conditioner to deal with a sudden blast of hot air.

Other snipes have been happening between the two throughout the outage, but was kept to a respectful minimum while everyone got busy and put the grid back online. About the only person to come out of this looking good is Howard Hampton, who gets to say a big, fat, “I told you so” to both the PCs and the Liberals.

Shame he doesn’t have a hope in the next election.

Interesting that this should hit the news (via Tom Tomorrow). I know of this person because my mother-in-law worked very hard in the campaign against him back in November. The politics in this state, around this position, were particularly nasty.

You know, the cops in South Dakota are very much on the ball. I was stopped twice in the state, the only times I’ve been stopped by the police, ever, while driving. One incident was for accidentally running a stopsign, and the other was for doing 71 mph coming off a hill in a 65 mph zone. I was, fortunately, let off with just warnings, but the cops did take the time to stop me, ask for my license and registration and (because of my Ontario plates) ask me where I was from, why I was here and who I was seeing.

Given Mr. Janklow’s very long history of speeding, he must be quite lucky to not have been stopped by the South Dakota police more than he has, and he’s even more lucky to still be driving.

I’ll be watching this to see how it turns out.


Somehow, in the course of our bedtime conversation, me and my wife’s talk turn to the Superfriends, and the lamest duo of all, the Wonder Twins. We’ve had conversations with Dan about how dumb they were, with the ability to change form by touching their magic rings, but choosing the most ineffective things imaginable like “form of… water!” / “shape of… a large mop!”

Me: You know, why didn’t they try something like, “form of… a hockey stick!” / “shape of… Mike Tyson!”
Erin: What were their names, anyway?
Me: I don’t know. It’s been years since I last saw that series.
Erin: But you remember the “form of / shape of” chant.
Me: Yeah, but I watched Superfriends religiously. I sort of had a crush on the chick.
Erin: You did? But why?
Me: What can I say? I was young, and stupid.
Erin: Yeah, and it’s not like there were that many chick superheroes to have crushes on.
Me: And I sort of thought that Wonder Woman was out of my league.

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