Masters of Bad Timing

You know, this year Canada has been a master of bad timing. First, there was the double dip of SARS in Toronto followed by the new northeast blackout. Now, with the effects of the Mad Cow scare barely lifting, our meat supply is again in question with the recent Aylmer Meat Packers criminal processing “deadstock” into food meant for human consumption.

Unlike the earlier shocks, which were the result of sheer, unadulterated bad luck (with some questions about whether we relaxed our guard too quickly over SARS), Aylmer Meat Packers is a shocking lapse in caring about government regulations and human health. I am expecting a government inquiry, and I am expecting that charges be laid. And if it turns out that Aylmer Meat Packers, like the private water suppliers of Walkerton were able to operate in this fashion due to severe government cutbacks, I expect Premier Ernie Eves to be turfed out on his ear.

I have to wonder just when the Ontario election will have to be called, at this rate.

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