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Ernie Eves has finally done it: he’s called an election. Yup, on October 3nd, I get to choose between meanspirited management, hopeless mediocrity, complete irrelevance, or any one of a number of kooky also-rans.

I can’t wait.

The short four-week campaign favours an intensive television campaign. Eves is 15 points behind McGuinty in this race, so expect the fight to be fierce and get negative pretty quickly. Gee, television saturated with negative ads. Looks like I’m going to be doing something other than watching television over the next four weeks. The Internet will give me all the election punditry I need, thankyouverymuch.

I will vote; I believe it to be my civic duty. With the failure of major parties to really electrify me, or give me hope that my vote here really counts, I’ll look to my local candidates and see who’s the best among them. Or I may decline my ballot. We shall see.

(Updated) Actually, I looked at what riding I’m in (they’ve changed, recently) and who my candidates are. Had I been one block over, I’d know how I’d vote. Over there, the current MP (Conservative) is Wayne Wettlaufer — a nice guy, but a pretty ineffectual member of provincial parliament whose politics I strongly disagree with. We would be better if we returned this man to the business world.

I’m in Elizabeth Witmer’s riding, who sits on the left of the Conservative Party. She’s a nice woman and an effective politician (a rarity in this government), and if the Eves government is reduced to opposition status, it will be important that the right kind of Conservatives retain their seats in the next legislature. In my opinion, Elizabeth Witmer is closer to being my kind of Conservative (which, is to say, the Conservatives of Bill Davis and Larry Grossman).

Will this be enough to get me to vote for her, even though I’ve come to detest the party she represents? We’ll see.

This is an interesting link. This website claims that it can guess your gender based upon how you write. I fed it two passages of The Night Girl and two passages of The Young City and three times out of four it called me a woman.

This is the only passage that enabled it to correctly guess my gender. Does this seem particularly male to you?

The program claims an 80% accuracy rate, but current numbers suggest that it’s been wrong 50.1% of the time. Hmm. Back to the drawing board, folks!

Thanks to Ravenlike for the link.

Hmm… You know, if you shoved Dalton McGuinty and Ernie Eves into a darkened room together, what sounds would they make?

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