The Green Lawn Care and Roofing Party


I saw an honest-to-goodness Green Party lawn sign on an honest-to-goodness lawn this morning. Pauline Richards, the Green Party candidate for Kitchener-Waterloo. Best of luck going up against Elizabeth Witmer (PC), Sean Strickland (Lib) and David Lajoie (NDP).

I must say that the sign (green lettering on a yellow background — at least, it appeared yellow as I streaked past in my father’s car) did not stand out as much as the signs of the other parties. Indeed, it reminded me of a lawncare sign, or a sign promoting Avenue Road Roofing. Their graphic design could do with a little work.

It’s a shame, too. The green-on-white signs that I remember from previous elections really stood out.

It appears that others were calling the Green Party on their mistaken claim that they were the first new party in a century to run a full slate of candidates in an Ontario election. I wrote to them on this, and someone wrote back a kind letter, thanking me for my information and telling me that they were now suitably informed. I notice the claim has no longer been made.

The Greens are lucky that more wasn’t made of this (admittedly minor) faux-pas.

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