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Leaves in Frost

My sister-in-law, Wendy Ewell has finished a number of new paintings and is having a showing of her works at the Art Oasis annual Fall Invitational Group Show in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I've uploaded more of her recent works here, and you're most welcome to peruse them.

McDonald's has done some interesting guerrilla marketing. In their recent television ad which promotes their Fries Surprise contest, the website appears twice, completely out of context of the commercial. There is no mention made of it, and I didn't see it until the Armchair Garbageman pointed it out to me in his blog.

Follow the link and you will be taken to an artificial intelligence that tries to converse with you and, if you manage to say the right keywords, sends you to a contest form. Once you fill it out, you have the option of talking to this female version of HAL (SAL?) for as long as you can, trying to see if you can make her head explode with random non-sequitors.


As you can tell, I've wasted far too much time on her. It's an addictive game, and a fascinating marketing strategy.

After losing the only online source of Gwynne Dyer's articles when the Hamilton Spectator dropped its online archive and became a subscriber-only service, this flaw in the Internet has finally been addressed. Check out Gwynne Dyer's official website, currently under development. It may still be full of broken links as you read this, but I hope everything will be fixed soon.

I find Gwynne Dyer to be a fascinating writer who has interesting and in-depth thoughts on the political and military issues of today. Though he sounds like the voice of doom, he is, fundimentally, an optimist (a fact you will see, occasionally, in his articles), even as some of his articles veer into the bizarre. Here's one rather alarming piece, with a fascinating solution.

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