Neither Rain Nor Snow Nor Hurricane-Force Winds...

Congratulations to Pat Binns for taking the Tories to their third consecutive majority government in the province of Prince Edward Island. Thanks also to young Mr. Ghiz, who led his party well in the polls, took four seats (compared to just one before the dissolution of the legislature), and is now the leader of the opposition at the young age of 29.

But congratulations most of all to the 83% of Islanders who faced downed trees, wet conditions and widespread power outages and still went out to vote.

Look, if the aftermath of a hurricane still isn't enough to keep the people of Prince Edward Island from the polls, what possible excuse can any Ontarian have this coming Thursday to get out and vote? Vote, folks. It's your civic duty. If you don't like what the three major parties are offering, vote Green, or vote for someone else. Or show up at the voting booth and decline your ballot. Whatever you choose, choose to be counted. Only then will the politicians sit up and take notice.

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