What's Happening this Weekend

A pretty busy day today. My good friend Dan has gotten himself an apartment, and he moves in November 1st. Today, he was allowed in with his father to take delivery of a couch and to hang up new sets of blinds. Erin and I came over to help clean the windows. Boy did they need cleaning!

That took up most of the afternoon, but we got to see Dan's new place, and it was a good experience. I remember how I felt when I moved into my first apartment; watching Dan brings back memories of six (that many?!) years ago.

I've made more progress on the Trenchcoat Farewell Project front, laying out Stephen Wolterstorff's The Steel Nursery and writing up a draft plotline to go in place of Death by D'Syne. So far, so good. More work has been done on some articles for Transit Toronto, and once I make a few corrections, I should be able to announce them properly. And I'm continuing to look at ways to rewrite Rosemary and Time...

So, a busy day at the end of a busy week, but so far all goes well.

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