A Bevy of Apartment Improvements

After spending Saturday cleaning Dan's windows and helping to install blinds, Erin caught the home improvement bug and bundled us off to Canadian Tire to pick up paint supplies. The main target: the builder's beige that still lines our stairwell between our dining room and our bedroom floor (we live in a split-level). There is no denying that we've made substantial improvements, but we're going to need the step-ladder to tackle the walls just below the thirteen-foot high ceilings in what is probably the most awkward area of our house to paint.

And the last will and testament of James Bow reads as follows...

But seriously, it looks great. We've chosen the same First Crocus paint (thank you Martha Stewart) which lines most of our walls, augmented with splashes of bolder colour elsewhere. One wall of the stairwell will be done in sky blue and adorned with Georgia O'Keefe prints (her Southwest phase).

We visited the super mutant Canadian Tire in order to buy our paints. The remarkable thing about that store is that, despite its size, its metal ceiling, and the huge number of people it can hold, you aren't bombarded with noise. They must employ some sound dampening technology; I even had difficulty hearing either Erin or Dan from five feet away.

The parking lot, however, was sheer hell on a Sunday. And that phrase is wrong in so many ways, I don't know where to start.

But it's worth it. The baseboards look especially nice. It's amazing how bright white can really punch the colour of the walls.

Well, that was more work than I was expecting from this weekend.

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