Five Years Ago Today...

Wedding Pictures

...Erin and I were married.

In some ways, it's amazing how time flies. Erin and I are now thirty-one years old, and yet I still see myself as not much different from the twenty-six year old who took that walk down the aisle, just three years after graduating from University. And my love for Erin is as strong as it ever was -- stronger, even. In this regard, so little has changed in over five years, that "five years" sounds a lot longer than it feels.

But since October 24, 1998, Erin has gained landed immigrant status in Canada, held a number of jobs, won a number of awards, published a book and is well on her way to establishing her writing career. I've held a number of jobs, written three (unpublished) novels, have bought a house with Erin, and have changed addresses twice. A lot of life has been packed into those five years, and a lot of love. May 6, 2004 will represent the tenth anniversary of my first ever contact with Erin (yes, I remember that moment well), and while 1994 still feels like yesterday, in some ways it feels like I've known and loved Erin forever.

Time is funny like that. Not only does time fly when you're having fun and drag when you are bored, it can also turn into a lifetime when you really want it to.

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