Blogging Postcards From the East III

I'm now in the Keshan-Goodwin Library in Halifax, Nova Scotia, about a half-hour before Erin gives her reading. We've had a pretty long travel day that involved some sea navigation.

We left Charlottetown around 10 a.m. Atlantic Standard Time and headed for Woods Island. We figured that, since we'd arrived in Prince Edward Island by bridge, we should leave by ferry. Besides, this trip would save us 100 km in driving miles to Halifax. We got to the ferry on time, and there wasn't a long line-up of people. This late in the season, the Ferry is limited to four round-trips per day, but the demand is still pretty low. We paid our fare ($50 for the car) and hopped on board, sitting by a window in the cafeteria for the journey.

It has been, I realize, over twenty-five years since I was last on a car ferry. I vaguely remember coming back with my parents on the ferry between Manitoulin Island and Tobermory, but that was it. Erin's experience are a lot more recent and less favourable: the 25-hour-long trip between France and Ireland over rough seas. The Strait of Northumberland was much, much calmer, but it didn't do to look out at the horizon through a far window for very long.

Nova Scotia is beautiful country, surprisingly different from New Brunswick, more rolling and heavily treed. Halifax is the largest city we've visited on this tour, and we were sharply reminded of this fact when we coped with the city's freeways. But we're here, enjoying the people and the scenery, and having a good (if tiring) time.

After today, we head to Antigonish for a reading that's part Ghost Maps event, and part general party. This seems a nice way to cap off a very hectic week.

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