Blogging Postcards From the East V

At long last, here are the photographs...

First city: Moncton. A walk along the riverfront on a cold day reveals the monument to 150 years of Irish settlement in New Brunswick.

After a successful day in Moncton, we were off to Fredericton, taking the long way, via the Fundy Coast. A national park overlooking the tidal flats was unmanned for the season, so we explored the beach.

In the park, we come upon these remains of... something. We're stumped. Any guesses?

Driftwood. This shot might be good enough for desktop wallpaper. Feel free to use it!

The landscape around the Bay of Fundy is just delightful.

Beautiful Sussex, New Brunswick may have been somewhat small, but it had two great bookstores and was an excellent rest-stop before our run to Fredericton.

Church in downtown Fredericton. We arrived at dusk

Erin's name in lights!

After Fredericton, we stay overnight in Moncton and then head to Charlottetown. We pause at this hamlet on the shores of the Northumberland Strait. Here we look west.

Looking east, we see Confederation Bridge, stretching across the Strait.

Crossing Confederation Bridge. Acrophobics take heart: you can't see water anywhere!

The older architecture and narrow streets of downtown Charlottetown.

There's a moose in the Confederation Library...

It's free to enter Prince Edward Island; they charge you to leave. Confederation Bridge has a get-off-the-island toll of $38, but we decided to save 100 km of driving and took the ferry instead. At $50, they take you to Nova Scotia, and they do the driving for you.

Seagulls gather around this wooden bumper at the PEI port.

The cafeteria and main passenger cabin. Our cars are stowed five decks beneath.

Up top on the HMCS Confederation, waiting to dock in Nova Scotia.

After a somewhat disasterous reading at Halifax, we spent a little time in the city and visited the Citadel, high on the hill.

The fearsome gates, easily defended.

The international symbols point out that dancing near the edge is probably unwise as well...

It is a long way down...

We did not take any pictures of our trip to Antigonish, as we arrived too late to take decent pictures, and we had the camera packed away when the rugged landscape came calling. A shame, really, but still, we got a lot of memories...

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