Winter arrived with a vengeance today: gusty winds of close to 100 km/hr, thick snow on everything and slush on the roads. It was not pleasant driving, and it was even less pleasant walking to work.

We should have known that this was coming from yesterday's weather. Since when does it thunder in November? The rains came and lightning flashed, and people got wet just coming in from the parking lot. A mean cold front must have been coming through, and so it has.

Fortunately, the nasty weather yesterday didn't dampen the spirits at Erin's Kitchener launch. We got a good crowd of friends and family and honoured guests, including a contingent from The New Quarterly magazine in town. Noelle from Wolsak and Wynn arrived late, thanks to the weather, but not so late that she missed much. Books were sold, people clapped and there was good conversation and a sweets tray afterward.

Thanks to my parents for their tireless promotion of the event, and for picking up the sweets tray and the juice. Thanks to my aunt Deanna for coming out in the icky weather and bringing her friend to hear the reading. Thanks to Lydia for showing up -- indeed, thanks to everybody who slogged through the torrential downpour just to hear a poetry reading. It was a good time and an auspicious launch.

Erin is now enroute to Montreal for a reading tonight, and then reads tomorrow at noon at the Central Library in Ottawa. I'm all by my lonesome self until Saturday or Sunday, but at least I don't have to drive in this snow.

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