What Friends Are For

I hope you like the new banner. It makes for a change from those streetcar rollsigns. The picture isn't mine; I believe it was originally taken by Russ Hilder, and I borrowed it from the Transit Toronto website.

The extended DVD release of The Two Towers is now out. I bought my copy and am shamelessly giddy about it. We might watch it over the weekend when my mother-in-law, sister-in-law and her husband come over to visit...

There has been a fair amount of criticism within U.S. circles of countries such as France and Germany pursuing their own interests and goals in foreign policy. The actions of these countries in Iraq, it is argued, are hardly those of longstanding allies, let alone friends.

I think I can explain what countries such as France, Germany or even Canada sometimes feel about American policy in general, and the Bush Administration in particular by linking to this article.

Of course, I don't have to point out that the United Kingdom is, at this point, the Bush Administration's staunchest ally, but even in this country, resentment against the Bush Administration's policies have grown to the point that George Bush is cancelling his speech to the British parliament. You would think, if only to bolster Tony Blair's falling support, the Bush Administration would refrain from moves which are such blatantly bad PR.

If this is the treatment friends of the Bush Administration receive then, really, what does it cost us to turn away and look after our own interests?

Erin and I will be in London, tonight. Erin will be giving a Ghost Maps reading at the London Public Library's Landon branch (167 Wortley Road) from 7 to 9 pm. After that, what may be the last reading of the year takes place at Nicholas Hoare bookstore at 45 Front Street East in Toronto on Thursday, November 27 (with Jeanette Lynes attending, expect a big, fun party).

Five provinces in the span of four week (four provinces for me). Whew! Much as we've enjoyed this tour, we're glad it's over.

Until next year...

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