Going to the Dreaming

Sitehouse and Zpoems.net are both being transferred from my current webhost over to the local, non-profit, artist oriented Dreaming.org. I've just changed the DNS at my registrar.

Of course I'm expecting hiccups in the first couple of days, so I'm just letting you know, now, not to expect much in the way of posting -- until I come back with all sorts of technical war stories to tell.

Wish me luck!

Update: And now the transfer is complete... and the troubles really begin...

Update 10:44 pm: Although the transfer of DNS has taken place, we're still coping with some problems, so please bear with us. We are receiving our e-mail, at least, so if you need to write to us, we're at jamesbow (at) sitehouse (dot) net and erinbow (at) sitehouse (dot) net.

Update 01:17 am: We're almost there, but that's all I can do this night. The comments feature isn't working, and it's not possible for us to update our blogs, except by manual means (i.e. editing the HTML code directly, as I'm doing). With luck, this will be fixed by the good folks at the Dreaming tonight or tomorrow morning, and I can be back to posting as per normal. Stay tuned until then, and thank you for your patience.

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