Coming Back Online

Yeah, you would have thought it wouldn't have been easy. Still, these past three days highlight a frustrating truth: Movable Type may be a fantastic program, that can perform wonders while, for the most part, working quietly in the background, but it is a difficult thing to set up. Indeed, if you switch servers, you're in for a heck of a ride. In retrospect, I should have anticipated this better.

Although most of the rest of the changeover took place smoothly, thanks to the good folks at the Dreaming, I discovered, much to my chagrin, that I could no longer log into my Movable Type control center. It looked as though my blogs no longer existed. Research pulled up this little article, but other people had this suggestion: If you know you're going to be switching servers, export your entries from Moveable Type, save your templates and trash everything. Then, when you're in your new server, set up the program from scratch, and then import your entries back.

There's sense in that suggestion. Not only would this have worked, but I'd be able to take advantage of the improvements associated with a fresh install. But guess what I didn't do? And, for some reason, I'm unable to go back to my old website to browse my MT control centre using IP and Port numbers. The work requests to Virtual Vision have not been readily answered (and, really, can you blame them?).

Ah, well. So, we're starting over, with my comments all lost, and a number of features missing, but the core of the blogs still exist, and we'll have them back to normal shortly.

Wish me luck!

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