Fun With Google

This will warm some people's hearts within the Chretien camp (courtesy of the Vancouver Scrum)

  1. Go to Google
  2. Enter the phrase "what is the worst blog in the world?" in the search box.
  3. Click "I'm feeling lucky"

Apparently, to Google, this is the worst blog in the world. I wonder how that happened.

Intriguingly, to Google, this is the best blog in the world.

Yesterday, we took a trip into Toronto with Dan in order to sit and do some writing. It was an interesting compromise. I started it out on Friday by saying "Erin and I are thinking about going somewhere to write. You want to drive us somewhere and make it an expedition?" And he said, "Yeah, sure. If we go into Toronto and stop by the World's Biggest Bookstore to do some shopping.

We settled ourselves down in a Starbucks at Yonge and Rosehill, which is a nice place to write. It's not too busy, and it's in an interesting location with good views of Yonge Street. We sat for about three hours while Erin wrote some poetry and I worked on The Young City and Rosemary and Time. It was very pleasant, except for a bit at the end where some homeless guy couldn't keep his comments to himself. But what are you going to do?

Another coffee shop we have to try is Timothy's, located underneath the CP railway tracks by the LCBO store in old North Toronto station. It's an interesting urban space, well lit and not too busy. It's also a short walk away from some fascinating antique stores and some fresh groceries serving the people of Rosedale.

For dinner, we convinced Dan to lead us out to the Polish community on Roncesvalles Avenue, where we feasted on goulash, perogis and schnitzel. This restaurant was authentic enough that Dan was able to hold conversations with the staff in fluent Polish, and the tab was very reasonable. I don't remember the name of the place, but it's about three blocks north of Queen on Roncesvalles. I get the impression that, if you don't get to this restaurant, one of the other Polish restaurants on the street will give you as good service.

I haven't forgotten about the Trenchcoat Farewell Project, despite not being able to work seriously on it all last month (despite making big noises about it at the beginning of November). Well, in terms of layout, it's almost ready to go, and I've secured a promise from Martin that the remaining artwork for Syndicate will be ready to go before the end of this year. As he will be working on it immediately following his wonderful Christmas cards (which he does every year), I think this will happen. So, we're looking at going to the printers early in January. This is good, as it will allow me to give the good news to those pre-order people who don't have e-mail by snail mail.

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