When Holidays Attack!

The title is courtesy Sluggy Freelance. Worship the comic. Is it not nifty?

Christmas has sort of snuck on me. Can it really be six weeks already since Erin and I departed for our Maritimes tour? I haven't even put up the digital photographs I took of the trip (bad me!).

The book tours may be over, for now, but we're still scrambling somewhat, keeping our house in order, catching up on our work, this, that and the other thing. Starting Christmas Eve, our holidays begin, and we can at least count on a few days of not having to worry about work, much. We will still have the stresses related to holiday traffic if we decide to see Return of the King on Boxing Day or if we're even more foolish and decide to partake in the Boxing Day sales. Can we stop this world, please? I don't want to get off, but I do want a breather.

Maybe it will come in January.

I am looking forward to a visit by my mother-in-law Rosemarie and her husband Michael. They're due to arrive this afternoon, and it is nice to spend the holidays with relatives we like. Likewise, we'll be over to my parents' on Christmas Day for a feast of food and present-opening.

Re: the French push to ban Islamic headscarves in schools and in state-sector jobs: a bad law, a bad move. President Chirac, you are an idiot (at least in my opinion). I'm pretty sure that most people consider a separation of church and state to be a state refraining from imposing the mores or strictures of one particular religion on a whole populace. Choosing not to follow a religion is the same thing as having a religion, and forcing people to not follow their religion in a multi-cultural society is wrong. It's as simple as that.

Ikram Saeed tells it like it is.

Just in time for the holiday season, the U.S. Department for Homeland Security has upped the American threat level from yellow to orange, due to increased threatening chatter in the ether.

It would be good to dust off IMAO's list of the terrorist threat levels, and see what's expected of you now that we're in level orange.

Intriguingly, the Globe and Mail has run this poll on the usefullness of the Department of Homeland Security's threat level service.

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