Devastation in Iran


Forget politics. Forget religion. Forget international relations. It's time to send help. Now.

I remember, back in 1989, I think, when Armenia was hit by a massive earthquake. It cut short Gorbachev's visit to the United States and it shocked the world. Over 25,000 people died, I believe, and the devastation was immense. You know, the region is probably still recovering, long after the world has forgotten.

Not to sound cynical or anything, but I think the incident helped to cement friendlier relations between the United States and the Soviet Union. Certainly it showed that the human community could rise above politics and just help out others in need. Today, Iran is still struggling with itself for greater religious and democratic freedoms, and it has asked the world for help to cope with this disaster. Our response will measure us in the eyes of the average Iranian.

A good roundup of links on this disaster is available from this website (link courtesy of Blogs Canada). Those wishing to donate money to the victims of this disaster should go here.

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