Fun With Google II

It’s a gimmick but, at the end of each post, now comes the ability to translate these posts of mine into French. Blogs Canada put me onto this and I figured, since I’m Canadian, I should make some sort of nod towards my country’s bilingualism. The translation is courtesy of Google’s translation service.

My French is not very good (I think my best, most practised phrase is “je m’escuse, mais ma francais, c’est n’est pas bien.”), but I have to wonder how good Google is. Consider the following two paragraphs from one of my previous posts:

Well, I don’t know. Erin and I went with my parents to the movie yesterday, the second time I’d seen it, and it stands up very well. My mother is about as strong a Tolkien purist as one can find (and Erin, who can speak a little bit of Elvish, is no slouch herself) still felt this to be both an excellent movie and one which stayed mostly true to the spirit of Tolkien. I certainly didn’t see any plot cliches, and only one dialogue cliche. I guess one should just go see the movie and make their own decision. In my opinion, Return of the King is the best movie of the year.

Besides, it’s not like I paid $13.50 to attend. Both times, Erin and I went to Fairway Cinemas, which runs first-run movies for just $6.42, including tax. And, let me tell you, you feel a lot better about going out to the movies and eating overpriced popcorn when you pay this reasonable ticket price to get in.

Translated into French, and then translated back into English using Google’s translator, I come up with this:

Well, I do not know. Erin and me were matched yesterday with my parents with film, the second time that I considering him, and it rises very well. My mother is approximately as a fort a purist of Tolkien because one can find (and Erin, who can speak a little imp, is not any slouch itself) always smelled this to be an excellent film and one who remained most of the time true with the spirit of Tolkien. I certainly saw no stereotype piece of ground, and only one stereotypes of dialogue. I guess that one would owe right outward journey see film and make their own decision. In my opinion, the return of the king is the best film of the year.

Moreover, it is not as I paid $13,50 to be present. Twice, Erin and me went to the cinemas of Fairway, which runs first-short of films for Juste $6,42, including the tax. And, leave me say to you, you feel that much better about leaving to films and to eat overpriced the burst ma+s when you pay this reasonable price of ticket to enter.

Disturbingly, View this post through the translater, and the above two quotes come out as almost the same

To any and all French-speakers visiting this site through Google’s translation service, I apologize!

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