New Year Resolutionaries

The Resolutionaries are marching on the treadmills. They've overrun the gym as an army of people wanting to make themselves leaner and meaner after the Christmas holidays. But these are draftees, not career soldiers; they have that deer-in-the-headlights look that tells you they've only just realized that exercise isn't easy. The regulars quietly make room, complaining only a little, realizing that the charge of the not-light brigade is only temporary, that they will have their space back in two months, or so.

Flu Bug

Erin has been hit with the flu, I'm afraid. She had the shot back in November and, thus far, its only effect has been to make this case milder than it could be. However, if this is mild, one shudders to think what the full-on flu is like.

With my parents down with the flu, and with everybody knowing somebody with the flu, how long will I hold out, I wonder?

I have bought Nyquill and Vitamin C.

Why is Today a Good Day?


Because we are back on Mars.

Where the Extremists Are

However much one can criticize Ariel Sharon, one should remember this: he's far from the most extreme person on his side of the wide dichotomy between Israeli and Palestinian, as this article illustrates.

Negotiating a peace with the Palestinians that is just and secure for Israel is not going to be easy. It will be impossible if the Jewish settlements remain in the West Bank. Were it up to me, I'd just finish building the dividing wall and pull everyone back, but Arial Sharon, for all his reputation as a hawk, knows that to do so means facing down potentially violent reactions from the hardline settlers who believe that they have the West Bank by Biblical fiat.

Suddenly the widening divide between Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. doesn't seem so bad. But, really, are these the comparisons we want to be making, in either direction, in this day and age?

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