Reconquering the Bedroom - Death to Builders' Beige!

The room that's officially called our bedroom hasn't been used as a bedroom for almost a year and a half. It started last summer when we installed an air conditioner that was big enough only to cool one room. We chose the room with the computers so that we could work. We could work, but we couldn't sleep, so we plopped down a mattress in the open space of the computer room and slept there.

We stayed there because Erin finds that it helps her sleep if she hears my voice (or any other good voice -- E.B. White reading Charlotte's Web is also effective). She has tapes of me reading a story or two, but those tapes have to be flipped, which becomes a chore during a night particularly riddled with insomnia. However, by having me record my voice onto MP3, she can listen to me read with the computer set to repeat. Problem solved!

It's also true that the old bedroom just hasn't clicked with us. It's one of the last rooms to be painted, and the current builders' beige is just uninspiring -- and not the sort of uninspiring that encourages sleep, either. So, this past weekend, we resolved to tackle this, and reclaim what had become our guest room into our proper bedroom. Erin and I purchased paint ("baked potato") and started painting. This will be followed by hanging prints and rearranging furniture.

The paint is up and it looks really good. I've captured some moments on the new HP Photosmart 320 digital camera my parents gave me for Christmas, and the results are below (along with a few other pictures I took recently). The paint dried darker than what you see in these pics. It looks good, trust me!

That's me touching up the corners.

Erin covering a narrower wall.

The weather spoke of an oncoming Colorado Low screaming in from Texas (?) and promising heavy snow. Dan hoped for a snow day, but it was not to be. We did get some pretty coverage, however. This is the view from my kitchen window.

The view from my window at work.

And, for fun, the tunnel between South Campus Hall and the Arts Lecture Hall at the University of Waterloo, during the lunch rush.

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