Carnival of the Scribes II

Cripes, there's a lot of web pages to go through. Over at Carnival of the Canucks, the tradition (four weeks old, now) has been to update and add to your page of links throughout the day. Well, it wasn't going to happen, here. I spent most of my afternoon slogging away at a backlog of subscriptions and sample issue requests (for possible inclusion in curriculums) at Alternatives Journal.

However, the comments I've received have made this exercise fun and worthwhile. I'm glad you've enjoyed the carnival, and I'm looking forward to hosting the sixth Carnival of the Canucks in two weeks time.

Here are some Scribe links that I missed last time:

Erin is still down with the flu, but she has managed to update her blog and post some new poetry. She's asking for some comments on Turandot; something more detailed than just "I like it!". Me? I liked it!

At Metamorphosism, the anonymous author writes about Michael Jackson and interviewing Steve Irwin with mimes, and if that doesn't catch your attention, then I don't know what will. She has completed the NaNoWriMo and has added a challenge of her own.

What's new, pussycat? How about Watering the Dogs (a good life study)?

Eeksypeeksy writes in short bursts, putting together passages that haunt you. This site is well worth your attention.

Lacuna at No Starting Point writes a stream-of-consciousness poem called An Octave is Only Ever Eight Notes.

Scott at Erasing.Org writes about making a Christmas present, and turns it into a window on the art of creation.

Michael Barrish at Oblivio writes about a science program on DNA and grapefruit. He has a reading next month.

Lani Diane Rich, author of Time Out For Good Behaviour (due to be released November 2004) blogs about her rubber band days. They're just starting. Good luck!

Cory Doctorow, author of Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom is enjoying his Christmas gift of Disney classics rendered in Japanese pop. Hey, it takes all sorts to make a different world...

Author Crawford Kilian reviews Return of the King and argues that future filmmakers will try to duplicate Peter Jackson and get it wrong, just as many of today's fantasy writers try to duplicate Tolkien and get it wrong. Interesting stuff. He also writes about retrofitting a story in progress.

And finally...

The Blogging Network keeps an updated list of blogs about writing.

Another list from Bramble Story.

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