MT Blacklist Works!

Hey, hey! I received my first concrete proof that MT Blacklist is successfully keeping my blog clean of comment spammers. Truthfully, I'd always suspected, because the activity of those comment spammers had gone way down, but a part of me always wondered if this was like the story of the hockey stick keeping the elephants away. Have you seen any elephants?

However, looking in Sitehouse's activity log, I see the following message:

MT-Blacklist comment denial on Bow. James Bow.: (online)[\w\-_.]*casino[\w\-_.]*\.[a-z]{2,}

Turns out that MT-Blacklist denied as many as twenty comment spams on this blog and Vivid since Christmas. We didn't even have to bother to look. Thanks, Jay Allen!

Baby, it's Cold Outside!

Yes, Canadians spend a lot of time complaining about the weather, but recently the weather has been doing things worthy of complaining about. The recent cold snaps have been prairie beautiful, but hard on the cheeks and eyes for me, very uncomfortable. In the news, I hear that this cold has been blamed for seven deaths in the United States, including a hiker in New Hampshire who was stranded on a mountain in wind chill conditions of -100'F.


I'm assuming it's Farenheit as it's an American reading. Heaven help us if that reading was in Celsius (remember, Celsius catches up to Farenheit at -40, and -50'C is actually significantly colder than -50'F).

I do believe that this is the lowest temperature reading I've ever heard applied to a place on this planet that wasn't Antarctica. The Spirit rover on Mars is warmer than we are.

Winter Wonderland

University of Waterloo ring road.

Dana Porter library at twilight. At least twilight is definitely coming later, these days.

Patio table sculpted with snow.

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