B - Carnival of the Canucks VI - The Weather

After politics, it's said that the thing most Canadians like to talk about is the weather. And so it was, given how cold it's been outside. Just ask Urban Archi-Texture, who doesn't appreciate the finer points of hypothermia. But, then, it could be worse: AntiKarma blogs from the North West Territories and he hates snow. Robin Dawn of Poetry in Motion has just had yet another snow day in Halifax, and is probably getting tired of it. GoalieGirl has the right attitude, however.

Getting Personal and Ecclectic

Rick Jessup is one of the first Canadian bloggers I took up reading when I got into blogging almost two years ago. He's still worth reading, even when he's just back from a Caribbean vacation with a two paragraph review.

Anthony, the Toronto blogger of the Meatriarchy has a two-part post on banning dangerous dog breeds. He provides a list of which breeds you should be particularly wary of. (Part I here, Part II here)

Red Deer blogger Vicki Fox Smith of Just in from Cowtown (nice design, Vicki!) has a modest proposal about supersizing and other pointless indulgences. If you can harness the power of many, small actions can produce big results.

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