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Angel This Week

I'm sorry to have to say that :Angel: this week was a bit of a flop, especially disappointing after last week's excellent Harmony episode. It's a shame because the broad strokes of the episode were good, I thought. I like how the season was moved forward, I like the reappearance of Lindsay, I liked the comparisons between Spike-Lindsay and Angel-Doyle (even if they were rather heavy-handed) and I liked the acting. James Marsters in particular was supremely confident in his role as Spike and managed to rise above the material.

I also appreciated the implications: Wesley and Gunn in particular seem to be getting corrupted by the power wielded by Wolfram & Hart. I liked that Angel isn't coping well with Spike's reappearance and his confidence. And I also liked the questions around Lindsey's motivations. He was clearly behind Eve's use of that mind-sucking creature that put Angel out of commission, but it's suggested that he put Spike onto Angel's predicament and sent him to the rescue, sabotaging Eve's plan.

Unfortunately, the script was clumsily done, and the direction didn't rise up to compensate. I think it was a mistake to make this David Boreanaz's directoral debut; he may have potential, but he was too tentative in his depictions. The hallucination-riddled dream sequences which should have been creepy and off-beat came across instead as flat and stale. Too many other programs (and :Angel: and Buffy themselves) have done dream-sequence/hallucinatory episodes, and they needed a more experienced director in order to raise this episode above the field. That didn't happen.

So, I'd call this a stumble. Here's hoping for better things next week.

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