Snow Day for the Internet

Because of a large storm featuring snow, blustery winds and freezing rain, the University of Waterloo closed its doors, giving us our second snow day in under a year. I spent most of my time taking a well-deserved vegging out after my long work over the weekend.

I also coped with internet issues. I received a number of e-mails which appeared to be bounce-backs of e-mails that I'd sent. Looking at the attachments, however, I saw that these attachments were viruses, and I backed off before I infected my computer.

I was alarmed. I thought, at first, that somebody was sending out viruses, forging my e-mail address as the sender. However, later that morning comes news about the startlingly rapid spread of the MyDoom virus. According to Geek News Central, as much as 8.5% of all e-mail traffic this day was to do with the MyDoom virus.

Today was a snow day. At the rate these viruses are going, we're going to have an Internet snow day, soon.

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