Jealous of New Zealand, Australia Commissions Construction of Orthanc, Promises to Use Power For the Side of Light


The above words belong to Erin, who uttered them when seeing the artist conception (shown right) of a proposed one-kilometre-tall tower somewhere in the Australian Outback. At almost twice the size of the CN Tower, it would probably be a more utilitarian power station design (the whole plant is supposed to generate 200 megawatts of solar power), but like Hoover Dam, I doubt this would keep the tourists away.

The full story is here.

Still with Australia, the country has opened its second transcontinental railroad. For a while, passengers could travel east and west across this continent, from Sydney to Perth, but now it's possible to go north and south, from Adelaide to Alice Springs to Darwin.

I doubt that there's much local traffic to support the railroad; Australia seems to be building it to foster inter-state connections. Still, the trip alone does sound like a good reason to visit Australia in its own right.

The full article is here.

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