Bats in the Belfry


Item: The Church of England considers cancelling Sunday services due to poor attendance.

So, a Jewish rabbi, a Catholic bishop and an Anglican priest are meeting for tea, and during the conversation, the Catholic bishop mentions the problems he’s been having with bats in his church’s belfry.

“They’re such a nuisance,” he says. “I’ve tried everything. I even called an exterminator, but they just came back.”

“Tell me about it,” says the rabbi. “I’ve got terrible bats in the roof of my synagogue. Not only did I call an exterminator to clear them up, but I personally went up onto the roof and closed every single hole. But it was no good, they still came back.”

“I used to have bats in my belfry,” says the Anglican priest. “But not any more. I took care of it.”

“You did?” chorus the rabbi and the bishop. “How did you do it? Poison?”




“Then how? How did you get the bats not to come back?”

“Simple,” says the Anglican priest. “I baptised them, and confirmed them, and they NEVER came back.”

Belinda Stronach Leads Conservative Race

Oh, yeah, there’s a race out there to elect a leader for the new Conservative party. I’d forgotten about it. Not a good sign.

Credit where it’s due, though: without Belinda’s involvement, just about nobody would be paying attention. And now a recent poll (partly commissioned by her handlers, so take your grain of salt) suggest that she is leading in all regions of the country, even Western Canada.

Just so you know, former Magna CEO Belinda Stronach, former Alliance leader Stephen Harper and former Ontario Health Minister Tony Clement are each campaigning hard to become the Leader of the Opposition this March — a term otherwise known as “lunch”.

Take That, Comment Spammers!

Adding to my arsenal of MTBlacklist, MTCloseComments makes my protection against vandalizing comment-spammers almost complete (fingers crossed). Kudos to author Alan Carroll for producing this.

The principle is simple: comment spammers tend to favour adding their spams to posts which are 21 days old or older. Because these pages are buried in your blog, you tend not to notice them, and thus their clutter is allowed to collect. MTCloseComments is a simple plugin that’s activated whenever you update your blog, closing the comments on any page that’s more than 21 days old (or whatever term you specify). I rarely get genuine comments after 21 days, but to make extra sure, I’ve modified my templates to give genuine commentators a chance to e-mail me, or to click over to the main page to offer their thoughts.


I came because BlogHerald pointed me to an article named Blogger Finds Cruel Blog About His Blogs.. I stayed because of this article about the CIA Coup in Ottawa. Funny stuff!

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