Media Bias Does Exist

...and it cuts in several directions across the political spectrum.

A tip of the hat to Andrew Spicer, who delivers a well deserved smackdown to a recent editorial from the National Post. It looks as though the Post set out to criticize and demonize Toronto mayor David Miller, and weren't about to let the facts get in their way.

Andrew Spicer sums up the facts against the Post, here, here and here. It seems to me that, when the National Post wants to complain about the media bias of the CBC, they'd best to look at their own glass house first.

Snow Melt

I know winter's not done, yet, but spring is calling. I heard its cry over the weekend: the sound of trickling, running water. I got my shoes wet at last, and this weekend promises temperatures approaching the double digits.

Days such as these are among my favourite of the year. The sun is setting later. The world is waking up.

Duck and Cover

I had planned to avoid all comment or thought of Mel Gibson's highly controversial film The Passion of Christ, but along comes Don at Revolutionary Moderation with the #1 thing not to do at a showing of the movie.

I have a strong desire to attend today's big release, if only to start up a chorus of Always Look on the Bright Side of Life as the movie wanes.

Don, you are an evil, evil man, and you just made my day. Thank you!

Actually, the whole of Don's review is quite thought-provoking and worth reading.

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