Horror in Madrid

Vicki Smith from Just in from Cowtown, expresses what every rational human being is feeling, confronted by images from the vicious terrorist attacks in Madrid when she writes:

Initially, blame was focused on Basque separatists, but it seems that it is more likely to have been Al Qaeda. There have been people who believed that the US deserves to be a target for terrorists, but Spain?

If Bin Laden has come to believe that this sort of thing benefits him by increasing anti-US sentiment, then he has been in that cave way too long.

I can only say this: terrorism isn’t logical.

As always, Back to Iraq has insightful commentary.

Blog Changes

I’ve been spending a lot of time working at the Social Planning Council, helping them with their websites. Todd Turnbull and I are using blogging software as a content manager, and it’s proving to be very effective and robust.

As we’re essentially creating blogs out of these websites, we’ve had a lot of time to talk about blog design, and Todd mentions that the temptation for many bloggers (himself and me included) is to load everything possible onto the front page, as though we’re afraid that people will surf to the site, check to see if there’s anything new, and go away, missing all of the other bells and whistles we have to offer.

Is there any reason I need my blogroll on my front page? If anybody really wanted to check out who I linked to, they could visit my links page. Similarly, I had my archive links on my front page for the longest time, until this blog started getting old and the length of the archive list started to get ridiculous. The lists can now be found on my archive page.

These changes, and my reducing the number of displayed posts down to four, will reduce the size of the front page and make it load a lot faster. I’m spoiled with broadband access, and I shouldn’t forget there are still some people out there accessing the Internet with 56K modems (waves at Jay Currie).

I hope you like these changes as well as the cosmetic ones, which should make the text easier on the eye to read. If you folks have any further suggestions, please feel free to comment.

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