Stephen Harper as Gabbo

Stephen Harper is now the (new) leader of the -Canadian Alliance- Conservative Party of Canada. He won because he was the best man for the job, out of a field of three.

In his acceptance speech, he reached out to the Red Tories and centrists his party had fought tooth and nail against for the past sixteen years:

“My Conservative party will not be built by listing the types of people we don’t want in our party… …We need the Red Tory vision of important national institutions and sustainable social programs because the Conservative party will never leave the vulnerable behind.

And, now to a clip from what may be Stephen Harper’s mind-cam, courtesy of The Simpsons:

“That oughta hold the S.O.Bs!”

Footprints in the Blogosphere

Footprints of a Gigantic Hound is a new kid on the block, but he’s already garnered some attention within the Greater Toronto Bloggers arena. He’s a bold writer, and he’s been kind enough to include me in his Canadian politics links.

My one bit of advice to him, however, is to pick a new comments scheme. The arrangement he’s got sets my teeth on edge. That won’t stop me from reading him, however. posts from Vancouver, BC and has been around for a few months longer and posts an ecclectic mix of politics and Survivor reviews. His assessment of the Conservative leadership race seems pretty savvy. I’m also impressed that Kevin Wicks is in attendance in the comments section. Kevin has quite an underrated blog and, whenever he goes somewhere in the blogosphere, I find that it’s a good idea to follow.

More Wendy Ewell Paintings

My sister-in-law Wendy sent me images of her two latest paintings to upload on her web site. As usual, they’re wonderful. Check them out on top of the recent paintings page.

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