Another Ad Scandal

I've seen the first of Paul Martin's new ads promoting his (undeclared) campaign promises on education and government integrity, and I'm left to wonder: did all the good ad-makers get fired due to the AdScam scandal? What I saw wasn't impressive.

The commercials show Paul Martin in a kitchen, mumbling platitudes on the subject at hand while a group of people (possibly a book club) looks on quietly -- and sort of nervously, as though Mr. Martin and his camera crew burst in as they were having tea, and now the members of the book club are humouring the madman as he prattles on while they wait for the police to arrive.

Paul Martin does not come across well in these ads. He stumbles over his lines and he looks nervous and afraid. I expect that this was an attempt to make our prime minister look earnest and responsive, but all I see is somebody who saw a pretty solid mandate slip through his fingers in three short months.

Erin and I look at these ads and I think, this is our prime minister? This is Mr. Charisma, who would steamroll Quebec and finally win respect from the West? This is the man who will be Canada's face to the world?

And suddenly, I miss Chretien.

Putting Two Blogs Back Together

I spoke too soon about needing to break this blog apart in order to make it work under 1and1's restrictive cgi script policy. Even after breaking these two blogs apart, I ran into problems with the 500 internal server errors each time I tried to rebuild a post.

The problem appears to be Brad Choate's Textile 2 plugin for Movable Type. Textile 2 is a wonderful plugin that allows you to type in and format posts using neat shorthands like *asterisks to bold text* and _underscores to italicize text_, but it appears to push a blog's resource consumption beyond what 1and1 can handle. After putting the blogs back together, I am able to post this post using plain HTML, with no special text formatting.

So, be warned: unless your webhost is more generous with its resources, Textile 2 might give you some difficulties.

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