More Disturbing Headlines

I have been watching, with the expected disquiet, the increasingly muddy and bloody mess that is Iraq. And, of course, it seems like just about everybody in the blogosphere has an opinion, from chest thumping, to hair-pulling, to more plain disquiet.

Me? The position that I have the least respect for is the chest thumping. I doubt that the soldiers on the line really appreciate it from us in our cozy homes.

Anyway, the analysis and the headline that really raises the hairs on the back on my neck is, again, from Chris Albritton at Back to Everybody else, in my opinion, are just so many talking heads. His latest headline:

Sadr calls for calm, but it may be too late

I mean, that’s just what we need, isn’t it? An instigator that loses control of his mob?

I don’t think I can continue without swearing a blue streak.

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