Not Sure What to Call This One

Yesterday, a couple of cowardly thugs hopped the fence in the Jewish cemetary right beside my townhouse complex and kicked over and desecrated a number of gravestones. Knocking over gravestones is not unheard of in Waterloo Region, unfortunately (Mennonite graves from the 19th century were similarly desecrated a couple of years after I came to Kitchener), but this incident, coming on the heels of other serious anti-semetic incidents in Toronto and Montreal, angered many people in my community, myself included. Police are investigating, and I am looking forward to the criminals' capture and prosecution.

Vicki Smith at Just in from Cowtown notes that a hate group "googlebombed the word 'Jew' so that searches for the word make their own nasty page Google's first hit". She points to an internet campaign to fix matters by making as many links as possible to Wikipedia's entry on the word Jew.

Consider it done.

I find it interesting that these cowardly attacks took place close to Easter (in our case, on Easter), making this almost as much an insult to the ideals of Christianity as it does to Judaisim. Erin notes that, not too long ago, pogroms in Europe took place around this time as well, as the "faithful", enflamed from the passion ceremonies, left the churches and went to burn the Jewish quarter. The sad fact is, Christianity still has a few skeletons in its closet, and I have to wonder if movies such as The Passion and their portrayal of the Jewish leadership at the time of Christ are really helping matters.

Update: I'm pleased to report that, at this time, the campaign appears to have succeeded, and the Wikipedia entry on Jew is now the top link on the Google search of the word "Jew". To further bury the offensive site down the list, I propose finding other good sites on anti-Semitism and the holocaust. Would this be a good link?

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