That's Quite an Explosion

From CNN and CBC comes word of a massive explosion resulting from a train collision in northern North Korea. How massive? Early word has 3000 casualties.

My question is, what the heck were those trains carrying that they could cause so much damage? I realize that, when a train loaded with propane and chlorine went off the rails in Mississauga back in 1979, Mississauga was exceptionally lucky that nobody was killed or injured, but still, why so many injuries?

And from the CBC comes word that North Korea is has severed its phone lines and has closed its border with China following the incident. What’s going on?

Relax, Guys! Oh, Wait, You Can’t; That Would be Slacking!

In the United Kingdom, a theme park has launched a promotional website called, listing mid-week specials for attendees who may or may not be skipping work to be there. This news is on CNN because business associations are complaining that the website could spark a rash of absenteeism.

The Federation of Small Businesses, which has more than 185,000 members, said the Web site promotion was “unethical and irresponsible” and added it would be contacting Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority.

“Absenteeism costs the U.K. economy some 10 billion pounds and I’m sure Alton Towers wouldn’t like it if their staff took time off unjustifiably to go to Chessington World of Adventures [a rival theme park],” a Federation spokesman said.

Clearly the members of the Federation of Small Businesses desperately need to take a few days off work and smell the roses if they are so uptight to believe that a simple website promotion could be such a threat. They need their heads examined (and possibly also a boycott to scare them straight) if they believe that such marketing needs to be censored.

Kicking the “Gods” of Big Business in the Kiester

I don’t know what it is that’s giving me a bit of a socialist bent these days, but I must forward this excellent post by noted conservative Jordan Cooper who goes right after Walmart and gives them what for. He also speaks and links on how many in the Church try to go after the “gods” of money, war and sex and end up getting ridiculed for it. It’s well worth reading and I strongly encourage all to go read it.

It reinforces that it’s possible to be left and right in a more moral, rational world.

Here’s another reinforcement.

Bravo to Boston!

Now this is why I’ve given up on the sport of professional hockey: it always seems to bring out the worst in some of us.

That being said, bravo to the fans of Boston who refused to get down in the gutter with the handful of Habs hooligans and loudly cheered the Canadian national anthem as it was played in the following game. It’s almost a shame that the Bruins themselves got knocked out of the playoffs, but one still has to hand it to the tenacious Montreal Canadiens’ team for coming from behind.

Strange how the very worst can mingle with the very best in sports, isn’t it?

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