Holy Flaming Cow!

So, I come home from gym, having gone there almost directly from work. I ease my weary self into my computer seat and decide to see what's been happening on my blog. Hmm... a few more comments. No hate mail. Average day. Let's see how many hits I've had and where they've come from.


Hmm... I guess Warren Kinsella said something about me. I sure hope it was complementary.

To all visitors coming from Warren Kinsella's site, welcome. I hope you enjoy your stay here. I think the post Warren was referring to is here. There are a couple more political posts to follow, but I hope to get back to some writing and some television reviews in this week. I think we need a good mix in our lives.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to plug the BlogsCanada Election Blog, where a lively discussion is always going on and a number of very respected bloggers (well, I respect them) are posting their own thoughts about the upcoming campaign. The article below will be posted there as soon as I have a spare second.

I also think, if you are at all into powerful poetry and other good writing, that you should visit my wife's site and see why she's been getting some religious hate mail of late. (Note: she's a good Catholic, in my opinion). And my friend Dan Kukwa has some strong things to say as well.

Canadian Blogging Memes Update

Vicki Smith of Just in from Cowtown is running this week's Carnival of the Canucks, focusing on the nutty goodness of this week's entries in the Canadian blogosphere. Likewise, Jim Elve of BlogsCanada (who is standing firm against the Treasury Board's Cease and Desist order) has this month's Top Blogs now up. Go have a look!

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