Proof that Blogging Has Entered the Mainstream:

According to Truth Laid Bear, the Democrats have offered press credentials to bloggers seeking to attend the national convention.

Very, very astute. And as Truth Laid Bear notes, that puts the Democrats one up on the Republicans…

Contributing to the Fog of War

Veterans, politicians and other individuals are seeking to find out who sold the Daily Mirror the faked photographs of prisoner abuse that resulted in the editor’s dismissal. Once identified, these folks hope to bring the fakers to justice.

I wish veterans all the best. And if they find the perpetrators, I hope that justice includes jail time.

The idiots that faked those photographs did nobody, neither pro-war nor anti-war, any favours. They’ve endangered the lives of Americans and Britains on the ground in Iraq, and they’ve made it harder for us to get to the bottom of the real abuses that went on in Alu Gharib and other Iraqi prisons.

Whatever their intentions, there is no honour in deception.

Swear Words Deleted

It has been said that the media is ignoring the good news that’s coming out of Iraq. How can people say that when we still get headlines like this (From Back to Iraq):

Current Iraqi Governing Council president killed

The current leader of the Iraqi Governing Council was killed by a [possible suicide] car bomb at the entry to the Green Zone a short time ago today.

Abdel-Zahraa Othman, also known as Izzadine Saleem, was among four Iraqis killed in the blast, according to Redha Jawad Taki, a member of the Supreme Council of the Islamic Revolution in Iraq, a Shi’ite Muslim organization known as SCIRI.

Saleem’s death is a major blow to the Coalition and its plans to turn over power on June 30. The bombing underscores the dangers for Iraqis working with and near the Coalition, and it’s one more message to anyone the insurgents consider collaborators.

The Governing Council does not look as though it has much hope in keeping Iraq stable and democratic once (if) the U.S. hands over power. Fourteen months after the invasion commenced, power is still spotty at best. I understood that the United States risked a quagmire with invasion, but I would have thought that the power and the other infrastructure would have been rebuilt by now. To my mind, blame for this rests with Donald Rumsfeld and, by extension, the Bush Administration, for committing enough soldiers for the invasion, but not enough for the reconstruction.

If you’re going to invade a country on questionable circumstances, that’s one thing, but if you’re going to do it, for God’s sake, do it right! Not only have all the reasons for invading Iraq been stripped away, the Bush Administration has failed to meet its own objectives.

Canada Acts to Stop American Pizza Dumping

You can just see the CBC reporters struggling to say this with a straight face:

The Canadian Border Services Agency on Monday imposed a temporary duty on frozen self-rising pizza from south of the border, in an attempt to get tough on alleged American pizza dumping.

The agency said U.S. producers were selling their pizzas 39.4 per cent cheaper in Canada than at home.

The Canadian International Trade Tribunal had said in March that pizza dumping was damaging Canadian producers.

Yes, because Canada’s pizza industry is soooo threatened. We must strive to protect our pizza fields. Americans have, for too long, been getting away with migrant pizza tossers from Mexico and the extensive use of pizza pesticides! Though you would think, with our cold climate, that we’d have a natural advantage in the growing of frozen pizzas.

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