Everybody Remembers Don Quixote

People who have been following the BlogsCanada EGroup Election Blog will have noticed entries by one Arjun Singh. Those who haven't should start taking note of this man's website.

I think most of us here believe in the ideals of democracy; that it should always be about the people governing themselves. I think most of us here see party politics as, at best, a necessary evil of our system. Independent candidates are nice, but unelectable.

Arjun Singh argues that our line of argument is self-fulfilling prophecy. To beat it, one has to get out and work. We can have the democracy we want if we really work at it. And that's what he's gone and done. He has declared himself an independent candidate for the riding of Kamloops-Thompson. He is running on a platform of positive political campaigning, raising the voter turnout, and emphasizing that democracy remains in the hands of the people.

He probably knows that his quest is Quixotic. But let's not forget: everybody remembers and respects Don Quixote.

Doctor Who Returns to CBC After Forty Year Absense?

This story, thus far, remains an unconfirmed rumour. But if the CBC lands the Canadian rights to the big-budget BBC revival of Doctor Who (1 million pounds per episode), it will be one more reason why the CBC is my favourite national broadcaster.

For the record, the CBC showed the BBC's flagship series back in 1964, when they purchased a run of the first season between An Unearthly Child through to Marco Polo. It would be fourteen years before a Canadian broadcaster (TV Ontario) would pick up the series again.

While Dan and I were salivating over the early reports of the new season in development, we wondered just when and where the series would be shown. BBC Kids and BBC Canada were obvious candidates, as was CHUMCity group's Space and possibly the New PL. The CBC was considered to be a somewhat unattainable dream. Which makes me caution that this is still a rumour.

Place Your Bets!

William Gray has a prediction for the coming hurricane season in the Atlantic: there will be 14 named storms this year, 8 developing into full-blown hurricanes, 3 developing into major storms generating winds in excess of 179 miles per hour.

William Gray is a hurricane forecaster at Colorado State University.

Let's check back at the end of November and see how Mr. Gray fares, shall we?

Hurricane Season begins on Tuesday.

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