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So far, this is hearsay. If anybody can find more information on this, I'd appreciate it.

I heard a story that the producers of the scientifically-inept disaster movie The Day After Tomorrow thought a little bit about their own message and wondered how much greenhouse gases they themselves added to the environment during the course of production. They did some calculations and discovered that their production was the equivalent of 3,000 automobiles running non-stop for a year. Feeling somewhat guilty, the producers made a donation to a U.K. environmental group and decided to hype the movie's environmental message.

If this story is true, it may be the reason so many believe that the movie is an environmentalist campaign to raise awareness of global warming.

Either way, serious environmentalists aren't interested in The Day After Tomorrow. If there is a bandwagon being jumped on, its the media (who doesn't know better), and possibly critics who are using the movie's bad science to discredit a legitimate movement.

Quick Question

How much money did the producers of The Day After Tomorrow have to pay the estate of Robert A. Heinlein, if anything, for appropriating the title of his novel?

And why do I feel that Heinlein has been ripped off moreso than I think I'm ripping off anybody by using the title Fathom Five? (Other titles here, here and here).

Here's a list of titles arising from The Tempest.

Election Pool Redux

We've had a good response so far, with over a dozen people laying down guesses either here or here. Remember, participants make two guesses during this campaign: one before the leaders' debate, and one after (up to the closing of the polls in Atlantic Canada).

Two leaders' debates have been scheduled, one in English and the other in French, for June 14 and 15. So phase one will end at the end of the second debate, and I'll post a call for round two. If first round participants don't post second round guesses, I will assume that they will have "let it ride", and I'll use their first round guess as their second round guess. People who only participate in the second round will be scored in such a way that limits the advantage they gain from waiting until the last minute to make their first and only guess.


My mother-in-law and her husband arrived safely late on Friday, and we spent Saturday visiting bookstores and consignment shops. Today we're heading out to Niagara Falls. So far, the weather has been cooperating, with sunny skies and cool temperatures. After last weekend's tornado warnings, we couldn't ask for anything better.

Writing Progress

Rosemary and Time's revision has reached the end of chapter twelve. Two more chapters to go and I'll be ready to send it out to publishers again.

Likewise, final layout work (entering proofreading changes, and putting the master copy together) on the :Trenchcoat Farewell Project: is now deep into Trenchcoat 4. I have some last-minute scanning to do, but if I can find a few hours of uninterrupted time, I'll be heading to the printers in just a few weeks.

Thanks to Matt Grady, there's been some last-minute interest in the fanzine, which has been most encouraging to say the least.

Now if only there were enough hours in the day...

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