Fifteen More Minutes

I forgot to mention that I appeared in the Toronto Star, on page A8 of the Tuesday, May 25th edition in a small section about election blogs. Blogs Canada's election site featured prominently (including a URL) and my post on the election pool was quoted. So, that's another minute of my alotted fifteen!

Nice to see Dan at last today and yesterday. The routines are getting back to normal. We're thinking of seeing a movie soon. I'm up for Shrek 2, and also The Day After Tomorrow, although I suspect that last one will have to come with Cameron in attendance and with a firm desire to be thrown out of the theatre (joke).

I'm surprised at the number of movies I'm looking forward to seeing this summer. All of the above, plus Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Spiderman 2 too. Just think: three months ago, I thought that this would be a dead season in terms of movies.

I'm also pleased to say that I finished the first round of the major rewrite of Rosemary and Time today, many thanks to Erin's help. I think the new story reads very well. The characters are now believably twelve, and the story has been darkened and livened up with more setting detail. I'm getting ready to send out to publishers again.

I will have a copy ready to give to a friend at Book Expo in Toronto tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to her thoughts and advice...

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