Travel For Business, Not Pleasure

We've been doing a surprising amount of travel these past two months, and not any of it the wander-around-see-the-world kind. Tomorrow, I'll be heading out again to Ann Arbor. This time, however, I'll be accompanying Erin and my sister-in-law to Rochester, Minnesota. Erin and I will return to Kitchener on Monday.

Rochester, Minnesota is the home of the Mayo Clinic, where my father-in-law will undergo surgery this Friday. He has had a congenital heart condition for most of his life and has worn a pacemaker for years. Recently, however, doctors have discovered a hole in his heart, which explains his developing hypoxia.

The surgery should go well. The doctors caught the condition early and know what to do. My father-in-law also has a good insurance plan and has met his deductable. The folks at the hospital have also pounded into the HMO's heads that this is, most definitely, needed surgery, and the sooner the better. Still, for something as serious as full-on open heart surgery, the consensus is that it would be good if the family were in town to lend moral support. So we're going.

Yes, this was my same father-in-law who was visiting us this past weekend. And visited Wendy. And visited his stepson John, all the while adding about 2,000 miles to the odometer of his car. That's my father-in-law for you.

So, expect some light blogging for the next few days. I may not be able to get to a terminal between now and next Sunday, but I've promised to keep a lot of people posted, so I will try. As always, your prayers and kind thoughts are appreciated, especially this Friday.

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