Wild Child Raised by Chickens

Sometimes life throws you a great big curve ball. Courtesy Warren Kinsella comes this link.

Aid Workers Retrain Man Raised As Chicken

Sponsor Says Man Is Making ‘Remarkable Progress’

POSTED: 10:03 am EDT July 9, 2004

A man in Suva, Fiji, is being taught to act human after being raised as a chicken.

This story is, actually, not funny when you read further and get the full tale of one boy’s hellish life of abuse and neglect.

Sunjit Kumar was locked in a chicken coop for several years as a young boy, after his parents died and he was handed over to his grandfather.

He had little contact with humans during that time and picked up the habits of the birds.

Still, I can understand how anybody, upon reading that headline, had an “eyebrows UP!” type reaction.

Cabinet Shuffle Involving Tony Valeri?

Paul Martin unveiled his new cabinet today. Among other changes (bringing back Stephane Dion? Nice move. And I’m going to make a prediction that Mr. Dion will be the Liberals’ next leader), Copps-killer Tony Valeri was transferred from Transport to Government House Leader.

I found the following picture of Tony Valeri from this post at Points of Information:


Hmm. He’s miscast as either Transport Minister or Government House Leader, I think. With a photo like that, doesn’t he seem more appropriate in Fisheries?

On a related matter, how about Karen Redman? Her long years as a Liberal backbencher have been rewarded with her elevation to Chief Whip. No dominatrix jokes, please. Have there been women Chief Whips before in Canadian politics? Could somebody fill me in?

And don’t underestimate the significance of her getting this job, as the job’s significance increased dramatically on June 28. This is a minorty house with no clear coalition partner. As such, every single vote counts, and it’s the Chief Whip’s responsibility to ensure that everybody on the government side shows up to vote.

Karen’s also got a reputation as a consensus builder and a motivating co-worker. She strikes me as well suited to this job.

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