On Seeing the Promotions for Halle Berry's Catwoman...

Me: You know, you’ve got Catwoman, you’ve got Batman and you’ve got Batgirl. You even have the Wild World of Batwoman. How come we don’t hear anything about Catman?

Erin: (thinks) Well, he sprayed a lot, you see, so they had him neutered and since then he’s put on a lot of weight and gotten a little lethargic.

Me: That would put a crimp in his crime fighting. And I bet the spraying was his secret weapon.

MTBlacklist Wins MT Plugin Development Award

Jay Allen has won the top prize of the special MT Plugin Development contest for his comment-spam killing program MT Blacklist. In recognition of his efforts, he receives over $7000 in prizes. Great work, Jay!

I have long been a fan of MTBlacklist, but I’ve not had it installed on the Clarksbury blogs because version 1.64 is not compatible with Movable Type 3.0. Also, MTCloseComments had proven effective in keeping comment spam to a minimum… until very recently.

Now that comment spam is starting to make a comeback, I am looking forward to uploading MTBlacklist 2.0, which is compatible with MT 3.0, and which is the program Jay won all of those prizes for. Congratulations once again, Jay!

Cecilia Zhang

Congratulations to Peel Regional Police for arresting two suspects in the Cecilia Zhang case and moving this sad chapter closer to a just resolution (I hope).

And a slap upside the head of Peel Regional Police chief Noel Catney for risking that just resolution by nearly prejudicing the police investigation and the crown’s case against the suspect.

Greg at Sinister Thoughts says it best:

Peel Region police Chief Noel Catney said of the suspect: “Ladies and gentlemen, he is not just a murderer. This is the most despicable of criminals. This is a child murderer.” And then: “An innocent child … has been taken from her parents, her family, her friends, and her loved ones and has been taken from society, and for that I believe the ultimate price must be paid and will be paid. We will keep our commitment to the family and to the community and we will prosecute this individual to the fullest extent of the law. Trust me,” Still later, on the CBC he said this: “I think the police chief’s entitled to his opinion, and that’s my opinion.” These are probably some of the most outrageous things ever to come out of the mouth of a senior police official in this country. First, where is the presumption of innocence? Are we going to have trials by news conference now? Second, Mr. Catney, with due respect, when you are wearing your uniform, you have no opinion. Save your opinions for your off hours, sir. What you said was way, way out of bounds. It has made the Crown’s job much more difficult and it was all so unnecessary.

Later, Greg adds this note rebutting Rosie DiManno’s defence of Mr. Catney:

Rosie Dimanno, liberal icon, has come out in favour of Chief Catney’s histrionics. She excuses his stupidity by saying “he sounded like a forthright and empathetic human being.” Her heart bleeds for his humanity. I am sure if Catney had pulled this stunt on Guy Paul Moran, Rosie would have been there with a tissue and hug. She had better hope that the guy they charged really is guilty (although if you read her column there really is no doubt in her mind despite all the “allegedlies”), or she might have to write a nice column about his humanity someday. God, save me from liberals.

Justice is not rushed. And while that may seem cold in the face of this brutal murder, any other act would change justice into vengeance, and that is not what we as humans are or should be about.

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