Crashing Palm Pilots

Palm Pilot

A brief note about Palm Pilots: they do crash. And, when they do, the reset button appears to be a small hole in the back. And, I don't know if this is usual behaviour, but when you press that reset button (with a pin through a small hole), you are given the option of either erasing all of your data, or letting the crash continue.

Which doesn't actually hurt you too much. Once you reset your Palm Pilot to its original state, all you need to do is sync it up with your computer and have everything -- and I do mean everything; programs, stories, addresses, etc -- will be put right back.

Which is a great relief unless:

  1. You're not likely to synchronize with your computer for a while (fortunately not my problem) or:
  2. You've just spent one whole hour typing in revisions for a story and were very proud to have had everything finished.


Well, back to reentering the revisions for Sentinel.

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