I Rule the World

World Map

Results from my geography quiz:

Asia: 83 out of 84
Africa: 136 out of 147
Australia: 24 out of 24
Canada: 39 out of 39
Caribbean: 40 out of 72 (what can I say? There are so many small islands there!)
Central America: 41 out of 42
Europe: 110 out of 111
Middle East: 86 out of 87
South America: 37 out of 39
United States: 150 out of 150
World (Oceans and Continents): 33 out of 33

Link courtesy BaconandEhs.

The Starburst Guy

At the corner store near where I sometimes take lunch during work, I've come to be known as "the Starburst Guy", which tells me that I've gone into that store and picked up a stick of Starburst fruit candies a few times too often.

I can't help myself. I especially like the new Fruit 'n' Creme version of the candy, which offers creamy renditions of the usual Starburst fruit flavours, including peaches and creme, oranges and creme, grape and creme and strawberries and creme. These flavours are, as you can guess, creamy, and not nearly so sharp, in my opinion, as the usual Starburst fare.

But I probably should be cutting back...

Another Reason I Hate Microsoft

Turns out that last Monday's computer crash did have an impact on the :Trenchcoat Farewell Project:.

I have made extensive use of a font known as Futura. It's a crisp, austere sans-serif font that offers something a little different plain vanilla Arial. And until this past Monday, I owned a legal copy of the Futura font family. I downloaded it as part of the Microsoft TrueType Font Pack that was available for free from Microsoft's website.

Available, that is, until August 2002 when, on the eve of LinuxWorld 2002, Microsoft pulled its font pack from its website. Although it claimed that the two events were unrelated, it was widely seen that this move on the part of Microsoft was deliberate to make things a little less convenient for Linux users, who had been downloading the highly accessible TrueType fonts.

Most of Microsoft's TrueType fonts are available as part of the standard installation of Microsoft... except for Futura (and a few others). The font pack is nowhere to be seen on the Net and it looks as though to get back a font that I legally owned, I'd have to shell out $100 for the font family.

This is just not fair. I as a legitimate Microsoft user should not be backslapped or otherwise gouged for programs which I already owned, especially not as part of an attack by a near-monopolist company against an upstart competitor.

I have spent seven hours, off and on, trying to find a replacement copy of the font. I am about ready to create a voodoo doll of Bill Gates and purchase a whole lot of pins.

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