Doctor Who and the Cow of Evil

According to Jonathan Blum, there has been some consternation in fan circles about the inclusion of a long leather coat in the Doctor's outfit (for a picture, see here). How can an individual who is so opposed to violence, certain novels portray him as an outright vegan, bear to wear leather?

The best response in Jon's eyes (and I agree with him) is this:

"Maybe he made it from a really *evil* cow..."

Click here for the best source for ongoing news on the Doctor Who revival.

Corel Ventura 7 to the Rescue!

I'm pleased to report that the contretemps reported a few days ago regarding the loss of my Futura fonts due to the hard drive crash I suffered days before that, has been resolved.

As I mentioned, the Futura font was hard to download for free from the Net since Microsoft pulled its TrueType Font Pack. However, searching through the data, I finally came to see that the font was still available... to users of Corel's WordPerfect suites and other programs. Problem is, I didn't have those programs.

But I did own a copy of Corel's old desktop publishing program Ventura 7 (purchased almost ten years ago), which included an installation of Word Perfect 7 (for reference, Corel is now up to Ventura 10 and Word Perfect 12). Pop it into my CD and troll around the directories. Gee, here's a directory marked "FONTS". Gee, here are a lot of fonts. Ah! Here's Futura! A quick copy to C:\windows\fonts and we're back in business!

Not that I've been significantly delayed. I was still able to get a draft copy of Sentinel out to my proofreaders. But it is a definite relief to be back in the saddle with all my fonts intact.

Amazing that a ten-year-old CD featuring a long-defunct program for a dying company could provide something so important, eh?

Links of Note

As the Darfur crisis continues to fester in Sudan, Jim Elve writes an important article on how we, as average citizens, can help. I highly recommend that you read this and, more importantly, that we do not forget Sudan.

Still with Jim, he also writes about this bizarre case of a lonely Nunavut blogger fired by her employers for her blog. From what we can see, her blog wasn't very critical of her employers, so I can't think of a reason why her employer should act so. Shame, really.

Penny is taking her firing surprisingly well, however, and is now looking for more blog tolerant employers on the west coast.

Finally, Jim Elve supports a stronger CBC, as do I.

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