Byronesque Weather

I hope you like the new colour scheme for the blog. I decided the pale yellow box was better in khaki, and blue goes better with khaki than green. Comments and suggestions are appreciated.

Blogging might be a little bit on the light side for the next couple of days as there are a number of projects ahead. I've entered in the corrections for Ninth Aspect's landmark story, Crescent, Cross, Star and Pentagram and I'm about to move onto Dark Magus. The rest of the :Trenchcoat Farewell Project: should follow quickly. At the same time, one of my website commissions is almost done, but still needs doing, and the house, as always, needs cleaning.

I'm also putting out resumes again. My contract with Alternatives Journal expires at the end of this month and it's time for me to move on. I've given them an effective circulation system that a volunteer can handle, and now this little environmental journal that could needs to channel its resources towards marketing itself and dramatically increasing its subscription base. I wish them all the best, though the candidates I've seen for promotions manager suggest that they have a lot of good talent to choose from, so I needn't worry.

I have a few prospects open, and about eight resumes in the field so far, some of them in a book-related field; I have high hopes. I also revisited my old temp agency, who were glad to take me back, update my resume, and work towards filling any gaps I might have in my employment come September. September is a busy month for temp agencies and their workers, they tell me, especially for individuals who can type at 85 words per minute, knows office computers, and can design and build websites.

Still, I'm in a period of instability, and I'm feeling a little nervous, so any and all good thoughts you have would be appreciated, if you could just send them my way. Keep your fingers crossed.

August has not felt like August. Indeed, the weather we've experienced this week reminds me of early fall, with thick clouds, cool temperatures. I wore my trenchcoat to work yesterday. My trenchcoat. Not to complain too much, because I do like this weather and I find it inspiring (Byronesque, I call it), but it's too early.

The cool temperatures may seem to nix the global warming theory, but "global warming" is not the only name for the phenomenon we've been discussing since the late 1980s. "Climate change" is more in vogue, and it's probably more accurate. The Earth's atmosphere and weather systems are like a huge bowl of jelly; you don't know exactly where it's going to go if you push it or heat it up. It is simplistic to believe that climate change means a blanket warming of the planet; most scientists never predicted that, and only the media has really latched onto it. Rather, climate change has been about an increase in the instability of our climate, meaning things could go every which way at once.

It has been years since I can remember a fairly typical summer. Things are getting weird, lately.

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